Release 0.1

This week, I finally ended up doing some bug fixing and feature addition in Open Source. Having looked at some of my colleagues repositories - Ehsan and Daniel - I saw the opportunity to add a feature to Ehsan's and while running Daniel's application; I encountered a bug that needed fixing.
Before I dive into what features and issues were fixed, I'd like to take some time to explain how my first experience with open source and github went.

Github, Issues, and Fixes

Having always worked with various tools such as Subversion (SVN) and SmartGit, it was very unfamiliar when it came to working with console commands. It took me around an hour to wrap my head around the process of forking, branching, pushing and creating a pull request. However, once I got around to it; I managed to work pretty fast afterwards.

While adding the hotfix feature for Ehsan, I noticed that I was trying to commit and push the code to his master branch and continued getting 403 error codes. Running into this error caused me to panic, but I soon rectified it by creating another branch in my own forked repository and pushed the code there. From there, I created a pull request which was consequently reviewed and accepted by Ehsan himself.

The "issue" with Ehsan's application wasn't much of an issue, instead I saw an opportunity to add a hotkey to his Micronote application. This feature enabled the user to save their thought that were written on their whiteboard into a file by pressing Ctrl+e.

On the other hand, while trying to run Daniel's code, I encountered a bug where after pressing the hotkey he defined, the "Saved" text that pops up would move out of view when you hovered off of the designated  <div>. 

After going through his files, both CSS and index.html, it was evident that he did not provide units for his width, and margins. Providing both of those attributes with a pixel unit (px) helped solve his boundary issue.

Community Involvement

While code reviews are important part of GitHub, I helped a few of my colleagues with GitHub command lines in person, while they were trying to push their codes. They were encountering unauthorized access errors (Error 403) since they were trying to push to the original repository than their own branch. By teaching them about command lines such as "git branch" and "git push origin [branch name]" we were able to resolve their issues and help them carry out proper commits and pull requests. 


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