Hacktober first

In my previous post, I mentioned certain issues I'd be working on for hacktoberfest. To get my feet wet, I started by forking Angular's github repo, and found an issue that was suitable as an introductory issue. 

Once forked, I created a branch with the name of the issue as well as the number, and got to working. Looking through the code-base I managed to find the component that contained the spelling error in the quick reference guide, and fixed the spelling error. While this issue took twenty minutes to navigate and fix, creating the PR was another beast. 

After creating the PR, I had to sign a CLA license sent to me by google, and my PR is now under review. 

Overall this was an terrifying, yet amazing experience. I used the word terrifying because your fix and code is now out there for millions of people to view and criticize it; however, this proves to be an amazing opportunity to learn from the community as well. 

Here's a look at the updated image mentioned in the previous post. 
 See you all next week!


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