We are officially 3 days away from Halloween, and time has flown by! Having completed the final and last PR for hacktoberfest, I must say that I am genuinely happy to have participated in this years' coding challenge. As a continuation of my last blog post, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed writing linear probing in C++, that's why I decided to carry on to writing a merge sort algorithm in Java for the same author. 

After completing the program, by utilizing 2 different methods, one diving up the array and merging it back together and one for sorting the numbers, I faced few challenges. Mainly being with fast-forwarding my fork to sync with the original author's repository. This issue is something that I'm still trying to wrap my head around, even though I followed numerous tutorials, course notes, and methods, I was unable to successfully sync with the author. 

After hours of investigative digging, I realized that the error I kept receiving with regards to rebasing, was due to github's ability to allow illegal character's in filenames. There were files that were part of the original author's code base that contains characters such as colon (: and ?) that github command line did not find appropriate to rebase. I have messaged the author about this, and am awaiting reply. However, if anyone has any insight in how one might overcome this issue, please do send me an email. 

Until next week where we find more exciting projects to work on! Happy Halloween and Hacktoberfest!


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